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Fox Valley Medicine, Ltd. (FVM) consists of a panel of independent providers, which are physician led, working collaboratively since 1984. Within a community of outstanding physicians we have and will continue to deliver the highest-quality healthcare and through our strong network of providers offer quality choices. Throughout our network of outstanding primary care and specialty providers we achieve the highest-quality patient care and provide positive patient experiences! 

As higher expectations are made for quality measures, FVM member physicians work collaboratively to achieve record results. Quality measure goals and outcomes are met by a collaborative effort of more than 400 physicians, ancillary providers, and community hospitals. FVM shares quality initiative results and outcomes with our physician panel. 

If you are interested in joining the FVM Physician Panel we would be very interested in hearing from you. Please contact a Provider Services Representative at 630-482-9701, extension 7135. 

Online Physician Portal 

FVM physicians have convenient access to an online physician portal to verify patient eligibility, generate referrals and to submit and track patient claims. On average, our UM Department approves referrals within 24 hours. In some instances, an enhanced program is in place to expedite an auto referral, providing patients, and physicians, a positive managed care experience. 

Quality Performance Reporting 

FVM has been involved in Quality Reporting Initiatives and Disease/Chronic Condition Management dating back to 2001. There is always emphasis on the recommendation of preventive and treatment options. Standards of care are developed by FVM physicians, who bring intimate knowledge and patient care experience. Quality Performance Reports are designed to inform, support and encourage physician practice improvements in quality and efficiency and are an integral part of the communication and dialogue among physicians. Care pattern variations among like physicians are discussed to identify opportunities for both practice and network improvement. Performance reporting will remain an essential part of the FVM physician reporting strategy. 

Managed Care Contracts—Managing the Business of Medicine 

On behalf of its member physicians, FVM negotiates contracts with managed health care plans. FVM is respected throughout the managed care community by providing outstanding patient outcomes, patient and physician satisfaction, and by securing a network of exceptional healthcare professionals. 

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